Disney's Deluxe Villas

Walt Disney World's villas offer an alternative to a hotel, while still staying on Disney property.

Disney’s villas are an alternative to hotels and have a few advantages:

  • They come with either a kitchen or kitchenette, enabling you to save some costs by having more meals outside of the parks. You can even arrange to have groceries delivered by ordering online with on of the supermarkets in advance, just as we do for Tescos or Sainsburys here.
  • Depending on the villa, they can sleep more people – so if you are a family of 9, or are travelling as a group, and don’t want to book separate hotel rooms, a villa is a good option.
  • If you’re travelling with young children who go to bed early, they can be put to bed in the bedroom while you can still enjoy yourself in the living room, instead of creeping around.
  • You are still eligible for all the Disney benefits, including the Dining Plan and extra magic hours.

In addition to booking for a single holiday, the villas are all part of Disney’s Vacation Club program. The DVC is a points based timeshare initiative that enables the purchaser to buy points each year, which they then ‘spend’ on a holiday. It’s flexible so you can decide if and when you want to spend the points, plus where (they can be applied to many of Disney’s hotels around the world) and vary the size of the property you stay in – less points for a studio room, more for a 2 bed villa. It’s actually a pretty good scheme assuming you’ve got the money to afford it and will holiday with Disney regularly. So why are we telling you this? Because the DVC points are spent in Disney’s Villas – all of which are Disney Vacation Club properties. That wont affect you being able to stay there, nor will it affect your stay – but it does mean that these places can really book up – remembering you’re talking about people that are so devoted to Disney that they choose to timeshare in it and therefore make a significant investment – they’re going to be planning their holidays in advance to get the most out of them! So if you’re considering a staying in a Disney villa, you’ll want to book it early.

There are 11 different Walt Disney World Deluxe Villa properties – with most of them related to a specific Walt Disney World hotel, following the same theming as the hotel, and as a guest, you can share the hotel’s amenities: