Disney's Moderate Hotels

Walt Disney World's Moderate range offer the best of both worlds - more likely to be in budget, but with a few additional extras

There are 5 options within Disney’s moderate range:

Disney’s Coronado Springs
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort
Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney’s Cabins at Fort Wilderness

The differences between these and the value resorts are:

  • Rooms are larger at 314 square feet
  • Each room has 2 sinks in the bathroom area (Coronado Springs being the exception with 1)
  • Table Service restaurants are available in addition to the counter-service food court
  • Pools are a bit more elaborate with a water slide.
  • Each room has a refrigerator included along with a coffee maker.

The general feel is that you get a few more amenities and space, but still at an affordable price. There tends to be less large groups, so could be said to be quieter. Like the Value resorts, the Moderates also have exterior corridors, in a motel style. Disney transport is also usually preferable at the moderates. At the Value resorts, the buses pick up at one stop and can get very busy. At the Moderates, they have a number of pick up spots around the resort.

Compared to the Deluxe resorts, you won’t get as many luxuries, e.g. fitness centers or spas and there’s not the added benefit of being particularly close to one of the parks.

The Moderates are a really good compromise – worth it for the upgrade from a value resort, largely due to the extra space and because they’re a little bit quieter than the values. If you don’t have kids you may not want to spend the extra for a Deluxe – if you won’t spend that much time there to make the most of the extra benefits. With young kids and the resulting extra to-ing and fro-ing and time spent at the hotel, the proximity and the extra amenities might be worth the upgrade to a Deluxe if it is affordable to you.